Dear Friends and Fellow Residents,

Warren Christopher for Congress I am asking for your vote to be your 4th Congressional District Representative because I believe that all of us—our Women, our Men, our Children, our Seniors, our Veterans, business owners, educators, and community activists—all of us—deserve effective representation and inclusive leadership.

Working together, WE CAN DO BETTER.

Maryland’s 4th Congressional District ranks 412 out of 435 US Congressional Districts in the amount of federal funding brought back to our neighborhoods. We must do better because our economic standing impacts everyone in our community.  And, I believe WE CAN DO BETTER. As I’ve listened to the good people of Maryland’s 4th Congressional District, I’ve heard stories about the fears of the under-served and underrepresented. I’ve heard concerns about our failing public Education system, diminishing services for our Veterans and their families, the decline in good paying jobs and community Economic Development, the struggles of our Senior Citizens seeking a better quality of life, and the constant concerns expressed by working moms—and dads—over stagnant job markets and narrowing opportunities for our children to grow, learn and prosper. The heartfelt concerns expressed by the good citizens of Prince Georges and Anne Arundel County have not fallen on deaf ears. If you, the good people of Maryland’s 4th Congressional District, elect me to represent you in Congress, this is my commitment to you:

I will be your servant leader in Congress to provide the leadership needed— to fight for the issues most important to our community and provide effective policies and legislation that improve the lives of the residents of the 4th Congressional District in the areas of Jobs/Economic Development, Education, Housing/Foreclosures, Seniors, Women’s Rights, Veterans, Returning Citizens, Environment and Immigration. I will ensure that we have a strong voice at the table.

Paid for and authorized by Friends of Warren Christopher